Advancing human health with blockchain

Medable Insight uses blockchain to accelerate the creation of the most comprehensive digital representation of human health and disease: the Human Digitome

Join the movement to advance
human health with global
collaborative research.


Advances in human health are limited by scarce research funding, siloed data, and a lack of systems to drive insights from patient data.

  • Lack of funding research
    • Funding from Federal Government is insufficient
    • Companies leverage Federal research for drug discovery
  • Scarce and siloed data
    • Research data is limited to data reported in publications
    • Modern technology like mobile and IoT and enable capture of Real World Data
  • Limited analytics and computational power
    • Many organizations have idle GPU and CPU resources that could be used or life changing research
    • Crowdsourcing of compute resources is very inefficient


Medable Insight leverages blockchain technology to democratize access to research resources, aggregate and analyze the most comprehensive medical data set ever created, and incentivize the use of idle GPU power to discover new medical insights. Help us build the most comprehensive digital representation of human health and disease in the first Human Digitome.


How does it work?

  • Researchers are able to contribute data to the digitome in exchange for technology, funding, and other research resources.
  • Data insights/Digital Biomarkers
  • Access to Insight can be requested by third party "data purchasers"
  • Data requests are governed via Smart Contracts, which utilize self-sovereign digital participant identities to give individuals the power to consent and be rewarded for sharing the requested research data and/or consideration of a related clinical trial.
  • Medable Insight enables at-will data contribution so that each participant can donate data to specific research efforts and be rewarded for their contributions.